We are committed to getting public life on the agenda of cities across the globe.

To demonstrate the value of public life we engage a diverse network of actors and create new knowledge.

Our mission is to transform the way cities are shaped by making public life an intentional driver for design, policy, and governance.

We Study Public Life

Urban intervention research

Urban intervention research allows us to measure the impact of changes to the public realm on public life. Studying public life using ethnographic and spatial tools, we develop a better understanding of how public space and public life contribute to broader issues of well-being, prosperity, culture, resiliency and equality.

Public life tools & metrics

We constantly are working to develop metrics and tools that quantify the benefits of quality public space and robust public life. Through tools & metrics, we want to enable decision makers to use public life as a success criterion for making cities.

We Act as a Platform for
Systemic Change


We bring together people working on public life to build networks and empower them to integrate public life into their organizations and fields.


Communicating the value of public space and life to broader audiences through learning opportunities will allow people across many sectors to integrate public life tools & metrics into their field’s methodology.


We are interested in hearing from you!

Contact us at: publiclife@gehlinstitute.org



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