We Count! Data Design Sprint

Save the dates: May 9-12 in NYC

We Count! Public Life Data Design Sprint is a data event that brings together interdisciplinary teams, representing fields ranging from urban design to civic technology, to work together over three days in May 2018 to experiment with public life data.

City governments, public agencies and officials, and the private companies that support them have long collected data on how cities function, by measuring traffic flows, property values, crime statistics, and more. But few cities measure the quality of public life, thereby neglecting to understand the very people they aim to support.

What if we could better measure what counts most in our cities—us?

There is a tremendous need and opportunity to make public life data—data about people moving through and using public spaces—more accessible, scalable, and comparable within cities, across cities and regions, and between agencies. The use of open data standards enables a range of users to collectively make public information more useful, accessible, and democratic. The ability to share research and compare outcomes is essential to making good planning and policy decisions affecting the places and spaces where citizens live their daily lives.

Join us and over 200 fellow civic innovators over three days this spring as we make data about people and the spaces we care about more open, functional, and shareable.