Request for Proposals

Animation Series

Gehl Institute, a new non-profit that works to put people first in design, policy, and governance decisions about public space, seeks a civic and social mission-oriented media production company, with a specialization in animation, to produce and create a series of 2-3 minute videos that illustrate how citizens can initiate and carry out projects that promote public life in their communities.

We kindly request the following materials from interested parties:

  • Letter of intent (no more than one page)
  • Resume or CV
  • Portfolio of relevant work
  • Proposed timeline with milestones and deliverables (expected start date March 1, 2017.

Materials must be submitted electronically to by Wednesday, February 15, 2017.

Project Description

1. Citizens’ Guide

Two to three videos with the working title “The Citizens’ Guide to Public Life,” which inspires ordinary people to take a more active role in shaping public space in their neighborhoods. Gehl Institute will soon launch its Mayors’ Guide: a report which aims to educate and inspire Mayors and their staff about how to integrate public life and people-centered planning tactics into city governance. Similarly, the Citizens’ Guide animation should educate and inspire citizens about the importance of life in the public realm and the critical need to engage in city-making at the local level.

Audience: Community-based organizations seeking ways to change their local environment (block, neighborhood, etc.). To be defined in collaboration with Gehl Institute. 

Animator/Producer Role:

  • Develop themes and narrative in collaboration with Gehl Institute
  • Co-create storyboard for 2 to 3 videos
  • Develop visual style for series
  • Produce the animated shorts

Deliverable: Launch date of July 2017

Budget: $15,000 for 2 to 3 short videos with Institute branding that is shareable via web

References: School of LifeStory of StuffNew AgingCenter for Urban Pedagogy


2. Training Program

The training video acts as an instructional guide for civic organizations and citizens on how to design and execute people-centered evaluations of public space. In Fall 2016, Gehl Institute commissioned Gehl Studio to work with Better Block to develop and deliver an inspirational and educational training program for leaders and advocates in Knight Foundation communities. The program aims to communicate why the “people-first” approach to public space encourages civic engagement and promotes economic opportunity, as well as train city leaders and doers on how to use the public life tools developed by Gehl Institute. The tools help city leaders answer questions about the impact of changes to public spaces and show how such changes affect broader goals such as economic development.

Audience: Small community-based civic organizations eager to better understand and communicate the impact of their work improving public spaces.

Animator/Producer Role: Produce an introductory video that would supplement the training materials currently being developed by Gehl Institute and Gehl.

Deliverable: We would like to launch the video by May 2017.

Other Requirements: Final products use Gehl Institute branding. Formats are to be agreed upon, but must be readily shareable on Gehl Institute’s website and with organizations with limited capacity.

Budget: $5,000 for one introductory video