Our Copenhagen Masterclass

This August, Gehl Institute and Gehl, the practice, co-taught the “Tools for Change” masterclass in Copenhagen, Denmark. The three-day course centered on the value of public life: what it means, how to study it, and how to enhance it for everyone. We were joined by a diverse group of practitioners, advocates, and recent graduates, who traveled from cities spanning five continents. Together, we explored Copenhagen (by both foot and bike) and considered our roles as public life champions.

Shin-pei Tsay, Executive Director of Gehl Institute, and David Sim, Creative Director and Partner at Gehl, co-hosted the masterclass and offered introductory remarks about public life and methods for measuring people in public space in a multitude of contexts. Discussions about improving public life extended well beyond design and research opportunities to long-term systems and policy change. In addition to speakers from Gehl Institute and Gehl, participants enjoyed presentations by distinguished guest speakers, who offered a wealth of knowledge on subjects ranging from sustainable food systems to civic engagement. Thanks in large part to the diverse backgrounds and rich experiences of participants themselves, many connections surfaced in the pursuit of a public life agenda for our shared spaces.

Check out this FLICKR collection of photographs from the masterclass, and email publiclife@gehlinstitute.org to join us for the next one in Copenhagen, August 2018.

Images 1-4 by Gehl.