Open Call Answers

Proposals for Public Life

Thank you to all who submitted questions for Open Call: Proposals for Public Life! Please find the question answers below. To indicate your interest in applying for this grant and to be added to the email list please email


Is the competition open to teams in non-U.S. cities?

No, this specific competition is for U.S.-based organizations only. 

Can organizations without Nonprofit 501(c)(3) designation apply?

Yes, organizations without Nonprofit 501(c)(3) designation may apply if they have a fiscal sponsor who can serve in that role.

Can a program within a city agency, with access to a fiscal sponsor, apply?

Yes, a city agency with a fiscal sponsor is eligible, but there should be a strong demonstration of how the agency’s participation will build local capacity.

The RFP states that the funding can be spent to “support staff time for the research side of [the] project.” Does this mean that the funding can only be used in the form of a salary or a stipend? Can the funding be used for design elements, research tools, and physical items?

Beyond staff time, the budget can go towards materials and other direct costs. 

Is Gehl Institute helping selected organizations to evaluate the impact of existing, new, or potential projects?

New projects. Gehl Institute is primarily looking to evaluate the impact of new projects that would be implemented this summer. 

What is the timeline for the base evaluations of project sites, as well as the follow-up evaluation? Is this timeline flexible?

This evaluation phase is scheduled for June 15 to August 15, 2017. If the timeline of your project deviates slightly from this timeline, we encourage you to still apply.

What are the tools?

Our research tools mostly take the form of survey templates that can be used to, for example, count the number of people moving through and spending time in a public space, track what they choose to do based on their current options, and relate this activity to the design of the space.

Pictured above: Better Block Akron, a project by Better Block Foundation.