Announcing our 2018 Masterclasses

We are thrilled to announce this year’s “Tools for Change” masterclasses. Due to overwhelming demand, we’ll be offering two installments of the course: first in the Bay Area (May 21-23) and then in Copenhagen (August 22-24). While each class will cover a different set of local issues, both will be themed around “Public Life Intersections,” exploring how improvements to the public realm can address a whole host of urban challenges, including health, resilience, and civic trust. The classes will span three fun and informative days of talks, trainings, debates, on-site learnings, and bicycle tours. We hope you will join us.

May 21-23: Learning from the Bay

We are partnering with Gehl San Francisco and SPUR to deliver a program that traverses the many challenges of the region, from the rising sea around San Francisco to Silicon Valley sprawl to inequity and displacement in Oakland. Through a public life lens, we will together hear from experts on how design and public life research shapes how we can approach solutions. This class will be based out of SPUR’s three locations around the bay in northern California: San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.

August 22-24: Copenhagen – Your City Studio

We are partnering with Gehl in Copenhagen to deliver a program that will teach you about new tools for measuring and evaluating public life in public spaces. Using the city as our lab, we will learn the basics of studying public life, along with why and how we can measure it. Immersed in the culture of investigating public life, you will become an urban anthropologist, exploring how quick urban interventions can radically transform and speed up the process of planning. This class will be based out of Gehl’s headquarter office in Copenhagen.


Spots are limited. Registration opens on March 1 at noon.

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