L-ternative Visions

Open Competition Reimagining 14th Street and Beyond

Gehl Institute is excited to be a presenting partner in L-ternative Visions, a collaboration between Gothamist and Transportation Alternatives. The open competition offers cash prizes for innovative ideas that present alternative solutions for the looming shutdown of the L train. Gothamist introduced the competition on their website earlier this week.

Transportation Alternatives summarizes the the need for the city, state, and the public opportunity to take action in the design brief:

Both the City and the State have vital roles to play. The City, which controls the streets, can choose to restrict private car traffic and redesign 14th Street to accommodate higher volumes of walkers, bikers and bus riders. The Governor and the State-run MTA must fund the deployment of higher-capacity buses, improve bus operations, and fund innovative alternatives such as pre-board fare payment stations that will help speed buses. Other solutions like high-capacity bike parking stations are also within the MTA’s purview.

Though the extent of City and State action is uncertain, one thing is clear: the public has a key role to play in pushing both the City and the State to rise to the challenge. In the past, public design competitions and advocacy campaigns have led to transformational changes to our transit and street network, as we have seen with Governors Island, the High Line, and the 2008 CityRacks Design Competition to create the next generation of bike parking for New York City.