Join us in Copenhagen

This August, join Gehl Institute and Gehl in Copenhagen for our Tools for Change Masterclass. We’ll learn how putting public life at the center of a design approach leads to better solutions for mobility, equity, resilience, and other pressing urban issues. Over the course of three action-packed days, you’ll participate in walking and biking tours, informative workshops, and jam sessions about solving design problems through the study, measurement, and observation of public life. Register here.

During this masterclass, you will hear from partners, designers, researchers, and planners at Gehl and Gehl Institute, joined by local experts from various fields, on how we shape the role that design, policy, and governance play in enhancing all scales of the public realm – from the monumental to the everyday, including civic plazas, neighborhood parks, sidewalks, transit stops, and even your workplace. Underlying our approach is the desire to create a more open city in which everyone can access, enjoy, and participate in a vibrant public life.

The theme “Intersections” highlights how public life is a critical aspect of the urban issues we seek to improve. From a human-centered design approach, we will learn how to use a suite of tools that can inform the way we advocate for better urban spaces in our neighborhoods of work, leisure, civic gathering, and everyday life.