This summer, Shin-pei Tsay, Executive Director of Gehl Institute, and David Sim, Partner and Creative Director at Gehl, will co-host “Tools for Change” with a focus on public life. Public life is what happens when people connect in public space, and can be an impetus to increase inclusivity, improve health, expand access to opportunities, and drive change that benefits everyone. Achieving public life allows everyone to thrive.

“People thrive when neighborhoods are vibrant, inviting, and accessible to everyone. Quality public spaces strengthen community bonds, and create opportunities for strangers to rub shoulders. Public life matters.” 

— Shin-pei Tsay, Executive Director of Gehl Institute

Join Shin-pei, David, and the Gehl team for three action-packed days. 
Copenhagen will be your laboratory, a unique place to try out new tools for measuring and evaluating public life in public spaces and for discussing how quick urban interventions can radically transform and speed up the process of planning. 

Along with Shin-pei and the Gehl team, you will walk-about, bicycle, listen to talks, engage in the analysis of case studies, join working sessions and eat delicious food, all the while forming a network of champions who are taking on the challenge of designing cities for people.

Itinerary, August 23-25, 2017

Day 1 – People first approach

8:30 – Arrival, packages, breakfast, mingling, with Shin-pei Tsay & team 

9:00 – Overview & practicalities, grow introduction, by Shin-pei Tsay & David Sim

10:00 – The Human Dimension, talk by David Sim

11:00 – Break & refreshments

11:15 – Getting Public Space on the Agenda, talk by Shin-pei Tsay

12:15 – Lunch

13:15 – Public Life Matters, in conversation with Shin-pei Tsay, David Sim, Henriette Vamberg & Marie Stender – moderated by John Bela 

14:00 – How to Study Public Life, talk by Birgitte Bundesen Svarre 

15:00 – Urban Safari #1: Testing Tools, led by Birgitte Bundesen Svarre 

18:00 – Dinner at Kiin Kiin Bao Bao Day 2 – Investigating the City 

Day 2 – Investigating the city

9:00 – Welcome & review of reflections, by Shin-pei Tsay & David Sim

10:00 – Urban Safari #2: bicycle tour & lunch, led by Andreas Røhl 

13:30 – Break & refreshments

14:00 – Case Study #1: Copenhagen public life, talk by Camilla van Deurs

15:00 – Mini Jam Session, led by Matthew Lister

16:00 – Guest WalkShop: Refreshing City, by Torkil Lauesen, Project Manager – Områdefornyelsen Sundby 

Day 3 – Urban visions & change 

9:30 – Welcome, review, & reflections, by Shin-pei Tsay & David Sim

10:30 – Public Life & Changing Mindsets, in conversation with Shin-pei Tsay, Helle Søholt, Emil Blauert, Simon Kjær Hansen, & Jeff Risom

12:00 – Lunch

13:00 – Strategic Urban Development – TBC, talk by Anna Esbjørn, Head of Projects, DAC (Danish Architecture Centre) 

14:30 – Next Steps in Your City & Wrap-up, group work with David Sim, Shin-pei Tsay, & Jeff Risom

16:30 – Drinks & mingling


The masterclass fee is €2000 + 25% VAT and includes light breakfast and lunch for the three days, dinner on the first evening and cocktails on the last day.

To register for the masterclass, sign up through Eventbrite here.

Image by Carlo Pelagalli.