Join Gehl Institute at 2:00pm EST on Thursday, November 15, for a free webinar hosted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, as part of its Reimagined in America series. 

After collaborating on the Inclusive Healthy Places framework, we’ll discuss how public spaces can strengthen well-being and a sense of community, drawing especially on examples outside of the US. Join us to:

  • Get inspired by examples of inclusive healthy places from abroad.

  • Learn about a new approach to making public spaces welcoming for all.

  • Explore how to tap into existing resources and build upon the lived experience of your community to cultivate inclusive, healthy spaces.

Speakers include:

About Reimagined in America

This webinar series, organized by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, brings together leaders and influencers to explore practices and policies from overseas that improve health and well-being. These discussions will inspire and create pathways to turn smart ideas from abroad into practical solutions for the United States.

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Reimagined in America


Featured image by Steven Johnson, Boundless.