Led by Gehl Managing Director, Jeff Risom, you will:

  • Use the city as a living laboratory to measure the quality of public life. 
  • Acquire new tools to take incremental steps toward meaningful and authentic neighborhood transformations. 
  • Begin to develop a common vocabulary in which to discuss and ultimately implement small changes and large transformations.
  • Continue the experience via 2 webinars hosted by Gehl Institute on applying the tools to current initiatives.

Who Should Attend

Professionals in city planning, transportation planning, community development, public space enhancement, cycling infrastructure, policy, real estate, development, housing, chambers of commerce, commercial sector, and civic leadership.

As cities are becoming more popular as places to both live and work, there is an increasing desire to make them more comfortable, enjoyable and attractive. There is also an economic imperative as cities recognize that these qualities are important to the young, high-earning professionals they want to attract. This seminar, which will be followed up by webinars, will provide urban change-agents with a common vocabulary and set of tools in which to discuss, debate, and ultimately implement small changes and large transformations of their cities.

About Jeff Risom

As managing director of Gehl’s US offices, Jeff is driven by a passion to make real change. He leads cross-disciplinary teams, finding the most fulfillment when he can act as curator, advocate, and student all in one. Jeff brings to projects the ability to simultaneously plan big strategic moves while keeping focus on the eye-level experience. In an effort to make real change in cities, he is leading Gehl to craft thriving, dynamic public spaces and facilitate new city-making processes via their evidence-based design methodology.