About Gehl Institute

Gehl Institute is the home of the public life data protocol. The Protocol is an open data specification intended to improve the ability of everyone to share and compare information about public life activity in public space. Learn more here.

Update on Institute

Gehl Institute was established four years ago to jump start the public life movement. During this time, we have created a powerful open data standard, the Public Life Data Protocol; published influential and widely-used research frameworks including Inclusive Healthy Places, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and Public Life, and Public Life and Climate Adaptation; and advanced the conversation about equity and public life through our annual conference, Public x Design. Through our efforts working with many of you, the public life frame has been adopted by numerous city leaders as they work toward better cities.

As of April 1, 2019, Gehl Institute has been reorganized and will focus its work exclusively on the Public Life Data Protocol, an open data standard. This work will be managed by the Board of Directors and Gehl Institute staff will move on to pursue other personal and professional projects. We have learned and grown immensely from our work at Gehl Institute. We thank all of our partners and supporters for embarking on this journey with us. Each and every one of you is a champion for public life and we hope you share our pride from the outcomes of this initiative. We look forward to continuing to work with you in other capacities and the board remains committed to building the public life movement leaving our tools available and open source.